Hello fellow mommies and mommies to be!


For those of you that don’t personally know me, I’m a new mommy to a beautiful baby boy who was born December 15, 2015. I was an elementary special education teacher, for 3.5 years, who made the decision to leave her job to be able to stay at home (something I’ve always dreamed of being able to do!). I’ve been contemplating the whole blog thing for quite awhile now and finally decided to make the move.

I love learning new things and believe in the importance of being a life long learner. I also love being able to help others so the purpose of my blog writing will be to help others through their journey whether it be pregnancy, motherhood, or beyond! I have spent a lot of time reading and researching new things since the moment I found out I was pregnant. So, if you are expecting or if you are a new mommy then this is the place to be! I will be backtracking and writing about my pregnancy journey as well as my current journey as a new mommy and wife covering a wide array of topics.

Feel free to leave any questions/comments or suggestions for new posts! I’m excited for this blog and I’m looking forward to making more connections with like-minded mommies. =)




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