Doing What Makes Sense

So…we did it. We bought a mini van. I never imagined I’d ever own a mini van especially while only being 27 with 1 baby. But here we are. I went from a 2 door Chevy cobalt, to an Audi, and now our beautiful mini van!

Why did we do it? It just made sense. We weighed out our pros and cons and ultimately decided on the van. Really the only cons of a mini van was simply that, it was a mini van. LOL.  The pros that really made us make our decision were the sliding doors (a beautiful thing), more space (we tend to be on the road a lot), easier for kids to get in and out of (guess we are having more kids!), and a few other perks. My husband spent a long time searching for the right van. It had to have certain features that were actually quite hard to find. He finally found it (at a dealership 3 hours away)! And it clearly was THE ONE.


I’ve gotta say it’s a pretty good-looking mini van…

We have only been driving it for a few days and we are both already very happy and sure about our decision. I think a lot of people have negative feelings against mini vans and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of “soccer mom” comments but you know what, it just makes sense. So much more practical and convinient, and really that’s what it comes down to. Some people are just too into the “image” their car gives off. Guys, it’s time to move on. =P

Oh, and did I mention it’s paid for in full? Even more the reason to be happy.

So whatever it is, just do what makes sense.

Any other van drivers out there? What do you love about your van?




2 thoughts on “Doing What Makes Sense

  1. the Unicorn Mom says:

    I too, am 27 and have a mommy van.
    I was so against getting one, but with two under two we needed more room for those clunky car seats.
    We have so much room for stock up shopping trips and the cup holders!!! I never knew what I was missing haha. Now I’m not sure if there is any going back. (I only agreed to get a van for the car seat stage and then we’d upgrade.)


    • sensiblemommies says:

      Yay! Great for you guys! It just totally makes sense when you have small kiddos but like you said… I’m not quite sure we will stop using a mini van after the car seat stage. It has been so convenient and we really are loving it!

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