Top 10 Newborn Items

There are so many options for everything these days so it was a little overwhelming finding exactly what we would want for our new bundle of joy. Luckily, having my summer off gave me plenty of time to research and find the best baby products. That and the fact that I overly research things lol. I could go on for a while about different products but instead I have selected my top 10 favorite newborn items. Obviously, these are the items that worked best for us and our baby but are definitely worth checking out if you are expecting or have a new baby! They are not listed in any particular order.

    1. Zutano fleece booties:

Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie, Fuchsia, 3 Months

They tend to run small so the 3 month size fit our newborn perfectly. They have 2 snaps to be made smaller or larger. They wash really well and keep our little one’s toes nice and warm. Totally recommend these over socks! Socks are constantly falling off and these booties stay in place. Our little guy actually has 3 pairs and at 5 months old he still uses them (6 month size). We will choose these over socks any day! They also have booties in a lighter material which would be great for the warmer months. I’ve gotta check those out!


2. Goumimitts:

Goumikids Goumimitts Stay On Scratch Mittens, 1 pair S/M Honeycomb (Cream)

Love these! The perfect mitts. They actually stay on! They have velcro so they can be tightened. We used these like every day when he was a newborn. Mitts are great to keep their hands warm and to prevent them from scratching themselves. Our little guy still uses his at 5 months old (they STILL fit!) but I use them now mainly because his hands get really cold and also because he loves to scratch and pinch me while nursing! Little stinker! They have really cute designs and the top part is reversible, pretty neat!


3. Kimono Style Onesies:

L’ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Cotton Kimono Long Sleeve Bodysuit, Seafoam, 0/3 Months

I don’t have a particular favorite brand although carter’s brand worked well for us. The Kimono style is what I like. We only had a few when our baby was a newborn and I wish we would have gotten more of this style. During the newborn stage there is no need for all those cute outfits. Simple onesies and sleepers will do. My husband and I both loved the kimono style onesies because we did not need to pull his head in and out of his shirt (they are so delicate at this point too), it simply snapped around his body and on the bottom. Easy to get on and off and super easy for diaper changes. Your newborn could live in these for a while! Oh, the ones with the built-in mitts are even better!


4. Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets

No amazon link for these although they are sold on amazon as well as several other stores like Target and Kohl’s. I scored a good deal at Kohl’s for ours!

Pricey but definitely worth it. They are so soft and stretchy and not heavy. The material makes it very easy to swaddle your baby. They have held up well in the wash. We still carry one around with us wherever we go to use as a blanket. We were able to swaddle our little one with these until he was about 4 months old. I would recommend a pack of these over other traditional blankets. (Look at my sweet sleeping boy)


5. Thirsties Fab Wipes:

Thirsties Fab Wipes 6 Pack and Booty Luster 8 oz with Dainty Baby Reusable Bag Bundle

These wipes are definitely fabulous! We got them from a dear friend and absolutely love them. They are great for everything. We use them for spit up, messes, wash cloths, diaper wipes, drool, etc. Yeah they’re great. I have washed them over and over and they remain super absorbent and soft. We have several stashed around the house since we use them so often. If you cloth diaper then these make great diaper wipes as well. I could see these lasting a very long time.


6. Baby Carrier:

Boba Baby Wrap, Grey

SIX-Position, 360┬░ Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby – The COMPLETE All Seasons (Stone)

Baby carriers are great! Stretchy wraps like the Boba or the popular Moby work best for infants and small babies. A soft structured carrier like the Lillebaby (which I LOVE) or the popular Tula work well with newborns all the way up to toddlers. There are so many benefits to having your baby close and doing skin to skin especially when they are newborns. I’m not going to get into all the details now…perhaps in another post =P. Anyways, having a carrier allows you to carry your baby around skin to skin and be hands free. Being hands free = getting more things done. Now that our guy is older I still use the carrier a lot for running errands, shopping, walks, etc. You can often find “Baby wearing” groups in your community where you can meet other women who wear their babies, learn about different carriers, and try different ones out. After all, carriers are not necessarily a one type fit all. I suggest checking different ones out and finding one that is perfect for you!


7. Breathing Monitor:

No links available but I have 2 to recommend. The Snuza Hero baby movement monitor and the Owlet.

Breathing monitor = Peace of mind! I remember our first night at the hospital after our little guy was born, neither my husband or I wanted to sleep even though we were completely exhausted. Honestly, we were both terrified of something happening while he slept. That fear never really goes away especially with all the cases of SIDs we hear about. Such a scary and sad thing. I totally regret not bringing our breathing monitor with us to the hospital! It would have given us peace of mind and allowed us to rest a bit better. The first few months we used the Snuza. I wanted something portable that went on the baby directly. The Snuza worked wonderfully. It attaches to the baby’s diaper and monitors their breathing. Unfortunately, I bought our Snuza used so it didn’t last that long (my bad). So, we decided to go with the Owlet this time. So far we love it! The Owlet goes on the baby’s foot and monitors their heart rate along with their oxygen level. It is even linked to your phone so you can get alerts wherever you are. There is so much more I can say about these devices but the bottom line is although SIDs can happen to anyone there are still precautions you can take. Having a breathing monitor gave us peace of mind and more security that our little one was being monitored. It is a MUST have in my opinion. I also recommend a video monitor, although that is kind of a given.

Sorry no photo folks!

8. Vibrating Rock N Play:

Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Aqua Stone Fashion

The Rock N Play is amazing and felt like a lifesaver those first few weeks. What I love about it is how portable it is. I definitely recommend the automatic rocking one, we actually started with one that didn’t automatically rock but that didn’t cut it for our guy. The incline is a great feature. Our little guy (like many babies) suffered from acid reflux and needed the incline. He eventually improved and we slowly transitioned him out at 4 months. I know many babies that continue to sleep in theirs for several more months. The Rock N Play also works well as a place to lay baby in for a bit and for naps. I really didn’t want to use ours for night sleep but like I said he needed that incline. The Rock N Play also provides a cozy and secure feeling that I think most babies like. It’s great for travel and nap times out of the house. Couldn’t have done it without it!

(I know he is unbuckled, he is normally swaddled tightly. This was just for the pic!)


9. Swing:

Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Cradle ‘n Swing

Oo the swing! How our little boy LOVES it. His first few months there was no where he rather be (well maybe in my arms =P). But really, he loves this thing. If he was fussy all I had to do was set him in his swing and boom instant change. It would also put him to sleep within minutes. As he has gotten older he continues to love it. He just coos and giggles and looks so happy in it. We were guilty of using it for naps when he was younger but now that he has gotten older we stopped using it for naps just because I didn’t want him to get use to it and it probably isn’t the safest. The fisher price swing we had was great, it could vibrate side to side and front to back. It also had different melodies and sounds that could be played and well as a rotating mobile overhead. This swing worked great for us, but I do hear some babies just do not care for swings. I’m glad he loves it because I can set him in it for a bit to get things done!


10. Coconut Oil:

No specific favorite brand yet. I recommend organic unrefined virgin coconut oil though.

Yup. Coconut Oil. Must have. I will be making a post later on specifically on coconut oil because I love it that much. Let’s just say this takes the place of many baby things and is all natural. I use it as his diaper cream, moisturizer, treats cradle cap, works wonderfully as a nursing cream, etc, etc. So I really recommend reading up on the benefits and uses of coconut oil. There is no need for all those fancy diaper creams, baby lotions, etc. Plus if you like the “beachy” smell of coconuts it’s a win!

Phew… that was a long post. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my top 10 newborn items. It was hard to narrow it down to just 10 items since babies need and use so many items. I didn’t include the typical common items in here either like diapers, bottles, etc. A lot of those vary baby to baby and are givens. I tried to pick 10 items that I felt WE couldn’t live without and perhaps some people aren’t too familiar with. If you guys have any questions about other products I use or the products listed above just let me know! I plan on making future posts about my other favorite products for pregnancy, postpartum, and different stages of baby’s life.

Happy Shopping!






The Wonder Weeks

Ahh… the wonder weeks. Not familiar with this? If you have a baby under the age of 1, or are expecting, this will be helpful. Babies go through several mental “leaps” within the first year and a half of their lives. During these leaps their brain suddenly perceives things that it couldn’t before. Because of this, the baby’s behavior suddenly changes. Intro to the 3 C’s: clinginess, crankiness, and crying. It happens all of a sudden. Some leaps can even last several weeks. The neat thing about the leaps is that during or after the leap a baby is learning and mastering new skills. It is always fun to see them discover something new!


This is during leap #3 when Emerson discovered he could blow spit bubbles!

 Haha, this picture makes me laugh! =D

Before becoming pregnant I had never heard about the wonder weeks so don’t feel bad if this is all new to you. Luckily, I found out about it when our little one was just born. There is a book you can read, The Wonder Weeks: How to Stimulate Your Baby’s Mental Development and Help Him Turn His 10 Predictable, Great, Fussy Phases into Magical Leaps Forward, that describes the wonder weeks in more detail and lets you know when these leaps will occur. You can also download the app, The Wonder Weeks, on your iPhone or android, which is what I did. Having the information readily available made the transitions easier. I can keep track of upcoming leaps, the length of each leap, skills they will learn, signs that they are in the leap, and what to do to make it easier on them.

For us it has been spot on! Literally the day it says he will begin the leap is when I notice his behavior is out of whack. Knowing about the wonder weeks has allowed me to be prepared and know what to expect (for the most part =P). It also gives an explanation to their out of the norm behavior. If you didn’t know about the wonder weeks you could be wondering why your normally calm and happy baby is suddenly fussy and crying more often. There is usually an explanation. I can tell you that so far we have been through 4 leaps and for us leap #4 has been the hardest. But every baby will have a different experience and some may not show many signs of going through a leap, hopefully you’re the lucky one!

So current mommies of young babies and mommies to be, I really recommend that you familiarize yourself with the wonder weeks whether it be by just reading about it or downloading the app. I have found it to be very helpful! Now when Emerson is acting extra fussy my husband jokingly says, “He must be in a leap”. Truth is, he probably is!



AMAzon is AMAzing

I think I became addicted to Amazon during my pregnancy. The convenience of shopping online and getting it shipped for free was fabulous. And if you are a student, any level of college counts-even doctoral students =), then you can get Prime for only $49 a year. Prime offers many perks but the biggest one for me was the free 2 day shipping.

I definitely recommend Amazon Prime to all mommies and mommies to be! I was able to find all of my pregnancy and postpartum needs and even created my baby registry through Amazon and was given a gift box with great baby products. I will be writing about many of my favorite and recommended products in future posts! Anyways, with a winter baby it was so nice to be able to order anything I needed for Emerson (or myself!) with just a few clicks online. I didn’t have to worry about taking a newborn out in the cold! Now I use it for just about everything, especially for baby and home products. It’s nice to have a place where you can find most items even ones that are hard to find in stores.

But what I’ve recently discovered just made Amazon even more amazing. It’s called Amazon Review Trader. Basically, you receive items for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for your honest review. You can’t find all of Amazon’s products but they definitely have a huge assortment. You can search for specific items or just try out anything that seems interesting. So simple. I wish I would have known about it sooner but I’m definitely enjoying it now. My latest purchases have been these super cute bandana bibs. I have received a total of 17 bandana bibs from several sellers, who sell them in 4 or 5 packs, and have only spent $17. That came out to $1 a bib. Most 4 packs cost around $17 so you can see where this is a good deal and all in exchange for my honest reviews.

Check out my cool little dude with his bandana bib! They are perfect for babies that drool and/or are teething. Trendy and functional.


So if you don’t mind taking the time to write honest reviews and you like saving money then check out Amazon Review Trader!

Does anyone have any other recommendations on similar review sites? I’d love to hear =)